Ward Marotti joined Spangler Environmental in 2020 as Vice President of Client Engagement and Program Lead for Land and Water Resources. In this capacity, Ward is responsible for facilitating SEI’s strategic diversification in new and existing markets and for providing technical oversight and leadership for Land and Water Resources projects and teams.

Ward has over 28 years’ experience in the application of environmental sciences to achieve natural resource restoration, conservation, management, and permitting goals. He has identified, proposed, negotiated, won, and managed a wide variety of wetland, stream, riparian buffer, and upland restoration and reclamation projects on private and governmentally-owned properties in the southern Appalachians (West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia), the Rockies (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico), the Andes (Bolivia, Chile, Peru, and Argentina), the Piedmont, the Sandhills, the Coastal Plain, the Great Plains, the Colorado Plateau, and the Basin and Range geographic areas.

Ward has used a variety of custom models and agency‐specific functional assessment techniques to evaluate, define, design, and plan the targeted functions and values of restored systems. He has used water budgeting and constructed hydrographs to plan restored hydrology, evaluating volumetric and temporal components to understand hydroperiod and predict drawdown length and timing.

In addition to Ward’s restoration experience, he has completed hundreds of public and private environmental compliance and permitting projects, including: NEPA and SEPA EAs and EISs, Individual and nationwide 404/401 permits, NCDENR water quality and riparian buffer variances (major and minor), Endangered Species Act Section 7 and 10 impact permits and conservation plans, protected species relocation plans, and watershed use re‐classifications.

While a majority of Ward’s experience has been on behalf of project proponents, he has also worked extensively from “the other side of the table” by providing peer review of proposed projects on behalf of regulatory authorities (federal, state, and local). Similarly, he has provided expert witness testimony on behalf of project proponents, as well as questioning expert witnesses on behalf of review agencies.

While serving as President of the North Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, from 2011 to 2017, Mr. Marotti successfully planned, organized, funded and executed dozens of professional development courses, seminars, and field trips. These events have provided much‐needed Professional Development Hours to scores of environmental scientists, engineers, and local government professionals. He successfully led efforts to hold the 2017 National Conference in Raleigh, which was very successful and generated significant revenue for the organization. In his current seat on the National Association of Environmental Professionals’ Board of Directors, Mr. Marotti has led and participated in numerous committees responsible for commenting on proposed changes to federal environmental law, including the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act.

Ward served on the Town of Wake Forest Planning Board for seven years, including on both the Unified Development Ordinance and the Erosion, Flood, Stormwater & Watershed Standards committees.

Ward can be reached by email (ward@spanglerenvironmental.com) or by phone 866-772-6453.