Does your facility have an air permit that requires Visible Emissions (VE) Compliance? Spangler Environmental is certified to perform VE testing!

VE testing can only be done by EPA Method 9-Certified personnel.  Visible emissions are particles large enough to be seen by the human eye. Although they can be emitted through a variety of sources, such as combustion engines, spray or welding booths, gravel piles and dirt roads, EPA Method 9 focuses on the testing of point-source air discharges, most commonly thought of as ‘smoke’ stacks. A certified visible emissions reader measures the opacity of, or the amount of light allowed through, a visible emissions plume.

In North Carolina and many other states, State Air Quality Permits require that dischargers of VE not exceed specific percentages.  Exceeding VE standards can be subject to penalties of up to $25,000 per day.  Because VE values are recorded to the nearest 5%, you need certified personnel who literally have a trained eye.

If your facility requires initial or recurring visible emissions testing, or if VE citations have been issued to your facility, contact our office to discuss your project needs.