“That Rule Says WHAT??”

Riding the Wave of Changing Federal, State, and Local Environmental and Land-Use Regulations

After an unprecedented last 18 months, business is coming back—strong.  We’ve all learned that things not within our control can hit us hard—and we need to be ready.  Now it’s more important than ever to be risk-adverse, and to be informed.

A year into the Biden Administration, and environmental regulation changes are everywhere—some appear to be forward-looking (PFAS regulation as a hazardous waste and Environmental Justice reviews, for example), others are seen by some as regressive (dropping back to the pre-2015 process of defining Waters of the United States).  States are taking on new responsibilities (Clean Water Act Section 404 assumption in Florida, State permitting rules for non-404 wetlands in NC).  Local governments are trying to close the gap on re-zonings and site plan approvals considering changing public views on the health of the environment (Chatham Co., NC’s Environmental Review Ordinance).

Hear from the experts who are helping their clients overcome the obstacles of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.  Learn what is new, and what is coming, so that you can make the best business decisions possible in the dynamic marketplace.  Join the live webinar and Q/A session on October 21st, 2021 at 1:00 pm EST by registering with the link below.