Spangler Environmental, Inc. (SEI) is an environmental consulting and services company offering full service to the land and infrastructure development industries, civil engineers and architects, attorneys, and governments. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Spangler Environmental serves clients throughout the United States, with personnel concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Spangler Environmental, Inc. was formed in 1999 by founder and President, Jim Spangler, and has served clients for over twenty years. The SEI team delivers quality, cost-effective solutions to the economic engine of land development. Regulatory agency management, environmental compliance management during construction, permitting services, contaminated site assessment and remediation construction management, and litigation support/expert testimony services are the company’s niches. By offering full turn-key, comprehensive solutions, our team is able to guide clients through the many challenges of land development and environmental management.  

Active Members of:
0 Years of Environmental Consulting Services
0 Wetland Delineations Approved
0 Environmental Compliance Reports Authored
0 Residential Lots Permitted

Proven Expertise You Can Trust

  • 20 years in business as a North Carolina Corporation, serving clients across the Mid-Atlantic states
  • Environmental consultant of record for nearly all of the 10 largest home builders in the region, year over year
  • Over 1,000 wetland delineations approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and over 800 wetland/stream impact permits handled for land development clients
  • Over 500 NC DWR Riparian Buffer stream origin delineations confirmed
  • Multiple Environmental Professionals writing Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Reports (ASTM E1527-13), with over a century of combined experience
  • Experience as authors on over 2,000 Environmental Compliance and water resources sampling/monitoring reports prepared for federal, state, and local governments, private clients, and non-profits
  • Multiple HUD, FHA, and CDBG Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Reports prepared, including HUD Form 4128 and associated NEPA Modified Environmental Assessment Reports
  • Certified Environmental Inspector signature review of all ASTM Phase 1 reports
  • Established volume contracts with NC-Certified testing laboratories for cost-containment and chain-of-custody in-State
  • Experienced with lead paint assessment and sampling (ASTM E1729-05 and HUD/EPA Chapter 7 Guidelines; XRF Instrumentation) on residential, institutional, and commercial facilities
  • Direct performance of soil and groundwater assessment, sampling, remediation, closure experience at residential, institutional, industrial, and commercial facilities in NC, SC, VA, GA, TN, MD, FL, PR, MI, MS, DC, NJ
  • Performed environmental due diligence and permitting for over 40,000 residential SF lots for home builders